Rose Long

Life Changes

How many of us have forgotten how to take care of ourselves?  We grab food that's quick and easy but doesn't nourish our bodies.  We exercise... when there's time.  We dream of catching up on sleep.  And when the s*** hits the fan we pick up the same old unhealthy habits to cope.  We end up resigned and frustrated, but what can we do?  We know what we should be doing, but we can't make it happen.

For many of us, learning to look after ourselves and create a healthy foundation is a radical, sometimes scary step.  We know we want it, something inside us longs for it, we've experienced moments of it, but it never lasts and we wonder if we can ever make it a reality.  

If you want a healthy foundation that supports you in all aspects of your life, I can provide an energising and encouraging environment for you to discover what works for you.  Each of us is different, and it's no use picking up a quick-fix action plan, you need to find your own unique way of integrating healthy practices into your daily life.  When you find your own unique approach, the changes last, you change for good.  

Over the course of our time together, you begin to make new choices in what you eat and drink, you find ways of dealing with stress that don't add more stress, you make time for exercise and even make space to do the things you love.  Small steps become giant leaps.    You experience a different quality of life.

Through simple healthy habits, we support ourselves, so whatever's coming at us, we can take steady steps and make it through.  A healthy foundation makes everything possible.  It's simple, not always easy, but everyone can do it.   

"I have been supported, challenged, and understood every step of the way towards making healthier choices, not just around food and drink but around long held attitudes, self defeating beliefs & negative thought patterns.  I have begun to care about my health and my body and I feel I am slowly learning to treat myself with love, not just chocolate!"  Lisa

"Having this time with Rose is one of my best investments in myself and what's important to me"  Karen

"Rose really knows her stuff... and my sense is that much of this has come about through learning from her own personal journey.  In this sense Rose has a richness in knowledge that you can't get from books alone, which really comes across.  I love Rose's overall curisoity about life and learning, its so refreshing and I guess a significant factor in being a great coach."  Kate

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