Photo by the talented Zoltan Tasi

Photo by the talented Zoltan Tasi

No Mud, No Lotus!

We all have the potential to blossom and experience the richness and beauty of life, and we all have our roots in the mud. The mistakes, difficulties and challenges of our lives aren’t so pretty, but they teach us the lessons we need to blossom and grow. The beautiful lotus flower is firmly rooted in the mud, and one cannot exist without the other. To allow our lotus flower to bloom, we need to get down and dirty with the mud!

I work with women who are ready to get their hands dirty.

In this work, self awareness is the key to change, and it takes courage. When you’re ready, self awareness shines the light on what you’ve been avoiding and resisting - old habits, beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck in the mud.

You will work with the body, mind and spirit, drawing on ancient Eastern wisdom and techniques, and modern Western coaching tools and practices. You will be stepping into a space of deep listening where everything and everyone becomes your teacher. There are no mistakes, only opportunities for learning and growth.

Why risk it?

To disrupt your programming. To go beyond your conditioning. So that what you fear, no longer drives your choices in life. To create space to experience yourself and your life in new ways. To feel comfortable in your own skin, mud and all. So you find what brings you true joy in life. To deepen and nourish your relationship with yourself and others. So you can slow down and listen. To create more time and space to experience the simple pleasures of everyday life. To know how it feels to be healthy, energised and alive to the miracle of your life.

 If now is the time, then please get in touch and we can set up a free clarity session.

I look forward to hearing from you.