About Rose Long

Rose Long - Life Changes Coach and Yoga Teacher

This work has grown from my own life changing experiences…  

I had a wake up call in my thirties when I was experiencing energy slumps, weight fluctuations and bad skin.  I had erratic emotions and was using every quick fix in the book to try and feel better.  In short I was stuck in a cycle of avoidance and escape.  I recognised the choices I was making were not working for me.  It was my first step to radical change. 

I’ve been lucky to have amazing teachers and mentors who have taught me much about the nature of living.  And life itself has consistently shown me where I need to put my attention to grow.  Even the most unwelcome experiences, such as a cancer six weeks before my wedding, have proved to be enriching and have deepened my understanding and appreciation of life, and death.  Today I’m grateful for the life I live and do my best to welcome whatever comes my way.


My approach draws on over 12 years of coaching experience.  I first trained as a Self Expression and Leadership Coach, and worked with individuals and teams in the UK, Africa, Asia and the Americas.  This experience convinced me of the power of coaching, and showed me how the greatest obstacle to us fulfilling our potential is ourselves.

As I became interested in my own health and wellbeing, it was a natural step to train as an Integrative Health Coach. I left the company I was running, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and have been running coaching programmes with women ever since.  

I am qualified in psychometric testing, a great tool for gauging your natural strengths and weaknesses.  And also trained in using the Strategy Spring Board, a fantastic tool for helping you get a clear map of where you are in your working life, where you want to be and how to get there. These are both available as add-ons to your Life Changes Coaching Programme.


I studied Eastern philosophy and religion for my degree in Comparative Religion but my introduction to yoga came from my Dad.  He would practice every morning in the living room and as a child I enjoyed trying to disturb his tranquil state of being.  I never did, he’s a very patient man!  Although I loved doing headstands with my Father, I didn’t start practicing yoga regularly until my late twenties. I began with Iyengar Yoga and then moved onto Hatha, before being introduced to Kundalini.  Today yoga is the foundation of my life, it makes so much possible.  Yoga has taught me how to commit to a goal without forcing anything, it makes life much less stressful and more enjoyable!

I’m a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and have specialised in yoga for mastering the addictive personality.  I have found yoga to be a great tool for breaking unhealthy patterns and habits, of which I’ve had many!  I trained as a meditation teacher with Traditional Yoga, and have practiced under the master teacher Dr ALV Kumar.