About Rose Long

Rose Long - Life Changes Coach and Yoga Teacher

I used to ask myself regularly, ‘What’s the point?’. Life was hard, and being me felt harder! I didn’t know the point of life, and I couldn’t seem to find the answer.

Well, after many years, life brought me an answer… it wasn’t in a mystical moment atop a mountain, bathed in sunlight, but rather struggling through the grim reality of thyroid cancer.

Cancer taught me the point of my life… living a life worth living.

Although my life looked like a success from the outside, I was stuck in a cycle of bad habits, destructive thinking and quick fix solutions. I experienced anxiety and stress. I was reactive and my emotions often overwhelmed me.

Life was always encouraging me to turn towards my inner Light and begin to live a life worth living. But I was often too lost to see the signs. When I look back I see all the moments of synchronicity, the people, places and lessons, guiding me towards self awareness and change.

When I look at my life now, it is the life I always dreamed of living - I’m comfortable in my own skin, I take time to enjoy life, I choose to do things that inspire and fulfill me, I’m content for no reason other than I’m alive, I attract opportunities that support me and have me grow and learn, I wonder at the miracle of it all. The ordinary has become extraorindary.

I continue to learn from inspiring teachers and wonderful mentors who teach me how to learn from the lessons life brings me. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, I want to embrace it all.

I am not the person I used to be. Today my life is deeper, richer and more fulfilling than I ever knew possible. I don’t say this to boast or brag, but because it proves that if I can do it, anyone can do it.


My approach draws on over 14 years of coaching experience.  I first trained as a Self Expression and Leadership Coach, and worked with individuals and teams in the UK, Africa, Asia and the Americas.  This experience convinced me of the power of coaching, and showed me how the greatest obstacle to us fulfilling our potential is ourselves.

Training as a Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was life changing. I’m forever grateful for that year of study, community and healing. Since that time I have been working locally in Liverpool, and on-line with women around the world.  

I am qualified in psychometric testing, a great tool for gauging your natural strengths and weaknesses.  And also trained in using the Strategy Spring Board, a fantastic tool for mapping your buisiness, project or working life. It has an amazing ability to reveal blind spots, bring clarity and unexpected insights.


I studied Eastern philosophy and religion for my degree in Comparative Religion but my introduction to yoga came from my Dad.  He would practice every morning in the living room and as a child I enjoyed trying to disturb his tranquil state of being.  I never did, he’s a very patient man!  Although I loved doing headstands with my Father, I didn’t start practicing yoga regularly until my late twenties. I began with Iyengar Yoga and then explored other schools, before being introduced to Kundalini.  Today yoga is the foundation of my life, it makes so much possible.  Yoga has taught me how to live a life worth living.

I’m a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and have specialised in yoga for mastering the addictive personality.  I have found yoga to be a great tool for breaking unhealthy patterns and habits, of which I’ve had many!  I’ve also trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, and many wonderful and inspiring teachers who have informed and deepend my understanding and my practice. I trained as a meditation teacher with Traditional Yoga, and have practiced under Dr ALV Kumar.