Coaching for Body, Mind and Spirit

There comes a time when you need to review and update how you’re living your life. You sense that things are no longer working for you. You feel tired, stressed out and off balance. These times call for life changes, and provide the opportunity to refresh and update how you relate to yourself and how you live your life. When you feel challenged and uncomfortable, it’s time to look and listen, it’s time to get your hands into the mud, so you can blossom and grow.

I believe that you have the answers inside you, it is just a matter of having the space and time to tap into them. My job as a Coach is to support you in unlocking your own, unique solutions. I am here to support, challenge and guide you, as you do the work you’re ready to do.

Life Changes One-to-One Coaching

The programme is tailored to you and what you’re working with at this time.  The themes of the sessions are determined by your vision for yourself and your life.  We work together so that you can identify the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back, and find the tools and practices that support you in moving forward.  My commitment to you is to provide a space where you can explore, grow and heal, releasing the past, creating space for the present and clearly envisaging a future that inspires you.  It is my job to ask questions that take you deeper and open up new choices and perspectives.

This programme offers a bi-weekly 60 minute session together (by Skype, Zoom or phone, unless you live in Liverpool ).  In between sessions you have time to get into action, progress, and observe where you’re stuck.  The sessions provide the space for you to move beyond those stuck places, so that you can make the changes you know you want to make in your life.  I offer yoga and meditation videos to support you in creating healthy practices that create a strong foundation for change.  The commitment is a minimum of 6 sessions, and a maximum of 12.  The cost of each session is £52, and the support materials are included.

For the Love of Life Coaching Programme

In this 8 week coaching programme we work with an ancient Eastern model of human life; the chakras. Combining ancient wisdom with modern coaching techniques, you will access illuminating perspectives on your life, seeing clearly where your attention is needed to bring healing and growth. In my experience, working with the chakras is wonderfully practical, and endlessly fascinating.

Each week we focus on one of the 7 chakras touching on the following themes:

Your relationship to your body, food and the earth;

Your creativity, your capacity for pleasure and your ability to go with the flow;

How you hold yourself in life, your ability to focus and turn intentions into action;

Finding balance in your relationships, both with yourself and others;

Self expression - developing your listening and your confidence to speak and be heard;

Developing a neutral mind; going beyond judgemental and analytical thinking and tuning into your intuition and creative imagination;

Opening and surrendering to your infinite nature.

The 8 weeks will allow you time to put new practices in place and feel the benefits.  My vision is that through the course you’ll feel a surge of positivity and motivation that translates into long-standing healthy habits that support all areas of your life.

One-to-One For the Love of Life Programme

Take this programme with me over eight weeks with a weekly 60 minute session and a daily yoga and meditation video.   The cost of each session is £52, and the support materials are included.

Group For the Love of Life Programme

You can take this Programme in a group setting, enjoying the benefits of working and learning with other women.

I offer regular on-line Programmes for groups of four women. And I also run Programmes with groups in the Liverpool area. Please get in touch to find out what options are currently available.

I offer a free 30 minute discovery session so you can find out more.  If you’d like to go ahead and book in your session now, please get in touch.

Rose really knows her stuff she has a richness in knowledge that you can’t get from books alone. I love Rose’s overall curiosity about life and learning, it’s so refreshing and I guess a significant factor in being a great coach.
— Kate