Life Changes Coaching is about reshaping your life. 


When we commit to change, many things can distract us and take us down a path that leads to the same old destination. Before long we’re resigned and fed up and have given up on ourselves. Again!

Life Changes Coaching provides a space for you to commit to change and make it happen.  You bring awareness to your everyday patterns, habits and choices. You see where you are blocked or held back, and through the coaching you find ways to go beyond these blocks.  You will experience profound insights, life changing breakthroughs and unexpected delights. You will connect with what you are longing for in life, and discover ways to bring it alive.

I practice a holistic approach to coaching, looking at how all areas of your life are connected. You'll have the opportunity to see what is holding you back from creating a healthy, fulfilling life, and the space to find what works for you.  

Life Changes Coaching acts as a framework within which we create the perfect programme for you and your needs. Through small steps and practice, you begin to reshape your life. 


Are you ready to...

  • bring awareness to your habitual patterns and behaviours?
  • have time and space to work through blocks & challenges?

  • have life changing insights and breakthroughs?

  • develop a healthy foundation that supports you?

  • find daily practices that change the way you think, feel and act?

  • experience synchronicities and the flow of life?

  • bring your heart’s longing alive?

Rose really knows her stuff she has a richness in knowledge that you can’t get from books alone. I love Rose’s overall curiosity about life and learning, it’s so refreshing and I guess a significant factor in being a great coach.
— Kate

I work with women one-to-one in person (locally), and on Skype or phone (nationally or internationally).  We meet once every two weeks and you can choose the length of your session, 30, 45 or 60 minutes to fit in with your schedule.

I offer a free 30 minute discovery session so we can find out more about one another and see if we’re a good fit.  If you’d like to go ahead and book in your session now, please get in touch.