Life Changes Yoga is about finding tools that serve you -  body, mind and spirit.

Do you dream of having time and space to completely relax and let go?  Do you want more energy and focus to enjoy your everyday life?  Do you have a longing to connect with yourself and life at a deeper level?

This practice is about progress not perfection; we come to know ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses, and find the acceptance that leads to inner knowing and peace.  Through intention, breath, movement and meditation you will experience powerful shifts that subtly transform how you experience yourself and your life.

Through Life Changes Yoga you will:

  • Increase your fitness, flexibility and vitality
  • Improve your sleep

  • Develop a focused mind

  • Learn to use the breath to energise and relax the body and mind

  • Experience synchronicity and everyday miracles

  • Learn to let go and trust Life

I run one-to-one sessions, weekly classes, one-off workshops and retreats.  If you’re in the Liverpool area and would like to find out more about regular classes, see details below.  If you’re based elsewhere and are interested in Skype sessions, please contact me.



Candle Lit Yoga

A deliciously relaxing class for all ages and stages.  Perfect for releasing anxiety, tension and stress  You’ll leave with a deep sense of calm, ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Monday evenings 8.00-9.00 @ Absolute Yoga, 121 Oxford Road, Crosby, Liverpool, L22 7RE.

Life is for Living

Feed body, mind and spirit with a complete Kundalini work out. Movement, breath and meditation to break with the old and welcome in the new.  Open to everyone in recovery from addictions of any kind.  

This class will be on Tuesdays for 14 and 21 March, same time, same place. 

Thursdays 11.00-12.00.  Big LoveStudio, The Gostins Building, 32-36 Hanover St, Liverpool L1 4LN.  Contact me for room details.

Wonder Women

Beautiful, bountiful, blissful Kundalini Yoga.  A closed class for women in the Crosby area.  If you’d like to find out details and see if there’s availability please get in touch.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Bespoke yoga classes at your home.  I design these classes with you so that you can enjoy a deeply rewarding practice at home.  Arrange with friends or enjoy solo.

All classes are weekly. If you’d like to join a class, please contact me to check availability.